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An alarm will deter thieves, but if your vehicle does get stolen, a good tracking system will ensure its safe return.

Hannahs can install effective security systems into almost any vehicle; from cars, motorbikes & motorhomes, to earth moving equipment and even drive-on lawnmowers!

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Better to be safe than sorry

Trafficmaster Advanced

Trafficmaster Advanced is the latest addition to our Category 6 security range.

This tracking device has a great addition ... like Cat 5 it uses driver ID tags, providing you with an extra level of security without incurring the cost of full Cat 5

Click on the logo below to visit Trackstar/Teletrac's website for more information:

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CobraTrak 5

CobraTrak 5 is our top of range system, incorporating all the benefits of the standard CobraTrak Plus system with the added protection of:
* Level 1 Police Response (more information here)
* Remote Immobilisation
* Automatic Driver Recognition
* Engine Immobilisation
* GPS and GSM jamming detection

Click on the logo below to visit CobraTrak's website, or download a brochure (PDF 1.7MB) here

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Our most popular Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) product is the Trackstar Protector 2. This Thatcham listed (Category 6 / TQA199) unit offers European GPS tracking, 12/24 volt operation, is insurance approved, and is fully transferable to other vehicles. As with all SVRs, a subscription is required. This system can be upgraded to Smartnav with or without touchscreen LCD to enable navigation, or to add speed camera alerts, and personal vehicle tracking.

Click on the logo below to visit Trafficmaster's website to learn more about Category 6 protection:

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Datatool Motorbike Alarms

Datatool alarms offer Category One protection for your motorbike. Designed to be compact, extremely durable and with ultra low battery drain, Datatool are what you bike needs to keep it safe.

Click on the logo below to visit Datatool's website:

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Sigma provide the highest quality alarms at affordable prices, with optional add-on modules to cover all vehicle types, from caravans to convertibles.

Click on the logo below to visit Sigma's website:

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Gemini have introduced the 931R12 CANbus alarm to fit newer European cars, giving maximum integration into the vehicle's own electronics. This means you keep your existing, familiar car keys.

Click on the logo below to visit Gemini's website:

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