Heated Seats & Cruise Control

Heated Seats

Stay Warm In Winter (or Summer)

We are now retro-fitting SOL-ACE carbon fibre heated seats.

Prices start from £250 + VAT for a single seat, or £450 + VAT for two seats, and are available with either 2 or 5 way heat settings controlled by a discrete switch.

Heated Seat Switch

Due to their low power consumption, these heated seats are also ideal for battery-powered vehicles such as mobility scooters.

Parking Sensors

Our ultrasonic sensors are activated when the vehicle is put into reverse, with a discrete bar / numeric distance display giving both visual and audible proximity indications.

Rear Fitted Parking Sensors

Sensors are colour-matched exactly using the vehicles factory paint code.

Parking Cameras

These cameras are integrated into your existing factory-fit or aftermarket naviceiver, activating automatically when the vehicle is put into reverse.

Rear Fitted Parking Camera

Cameras can often be mounted within the number plate on sedans or mounted higher on the tailgate.

HID Headlamp Replacement

Our High Intensity Discharge conversion kits are controlled by the vehicle's CANbus system, so don't suffer from the problems inherent in cheaper devices.

The kits are available in 35W and 55W, with colour options of daylight (5000K), blue (6000K) and bright blue (8000K).

HID headlamp replacement

Target Blueye

This device is triggered by emergency service inter-vehicle network broadcasts.

It lets you know if emergency services are near, and that you should drive with caution.

Witness Recording Cameras

See the Target Blueye website for more info.