Hannah Auto Electrics

Car stereo, alarms, bluetooth hands-free, comfort upgrades and tracking

Hannahs have been selling and installing high quality audio and security systems for more than 30 years, and have seen a lot of changes in the mobile entertainment business.
We take pride in our workmanship and commitment to quality at good prices, and hope to deliver on these for another 30 years.
Our engineers are fully mobile and available for callout work.

A small sample from our Instagram installations page, showing some of the amazing cars we've had the privilege of working on

Stereo, Navigation and Passenger Entertainment Systems

It's not just getting from A to B

We supply and install car stereos and navigation from Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine - and pretty much any other manufacturer.

We can source just about any system. Let us know what you need.

Car Alarms, Central Locking & Tracking

Criminals are out to get your vehicle

Make life harder for them - beef up your security with security from Hannahs.

We can fit alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems to keep your car protected.

Bluetooth Integration From Parrot and Fiscon

Handsfree Car Kits

Drive safely. Don't risk getting 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine.

Those points and that fine increase dramatically if you're driving an HGV or other large PSV type vehicle.

Camera Monitoring & Incident Recording

Makes Driving Safer For Everyone

It's a requirement that HGVs are fitted with monitoring to minimise vision blackspots.

Incident recording systems can help with your accident claim if you are not at fault.

You can get more info on some of these issues from the HSE website

Cruise Control, Electric Windows, Heated Seats and Parking Sensors

Warm winter seats and cruise controls

We can bring your vehicle up to your spec with aftermarket add-ons.

Hannahs can install the missing pieces to make your car a better place to be.