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If your car doesn't have the extras you wanted or you have an older or classic car that you want to upgrade, Hannahs have a perfect solution.

We fit parking sensors, remote locking, cruise control, rear-view camera systems, heated seats and Road Angel safe-speed detectors.

Witness Recording Devices

With the rise of "faked" car accidents involving organised gangs, it is now imperative to have some form of video recording device watching your back.

Hannahs can install ParkSafe Witness recording devices. These devices continually monitor & record the road ahead and behind until an onboard sensor detects an impact. The device saves the recording 180 seconds prior to the impact, so both you and your insurers can view the "accident".

We can install these cameras with concealed wiring, leaving your vehicle free from untidy trailing wires and keeping your cigar port free for other uses.

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Parking Aids

We can install Park Safe ultrasonic parking sensors in either front, rear or both bumpers. These systems have a small display with an inbuilt beeper which is normally fitted at the windscreen corner for the front and in the back roof, viewable in the rear-view mirror, for the rear providing visual & audible feedback of your distance to an object. They will detect a towing hook or other vehicle fixture to prevent false alarms.
The sensors are painted using your vehicle's paint code to give a factory-fit match.

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Rear View Camera Systems

If you don't feel comfortable when reversing into tight spots or if your vehicle's rear view is blocked, and would like to be able to see what's behind you, then we we can install a bumper or roof mounted camera with an option of integration with your existing radio screen or a separate dash or mirror mounted monitor. We generally use Brigade for commercial vehicles & motorhomes and Veba systems for private vehicles. Prices from £350 + VAT.

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Safe Speed Monitors

We supply and install the RoadAngel Gem.
Gem is the new and improved speed management device from Road Angel. In addition to the most accurate warnings of approaching safety cameras, new slim-line design, up to date road speeds, and improved user interface, Gem provides a unique eAssist feature allowing you to connect directly to the emergency services in the event of an accident.
Gem uses mobile phone technology that not only allows users to automatically receive regular updates to the safety camera database, and share the locations of LIVE safety camera vans, it also lets users make suggestions to new or revised road speeds. Called SpeedShare™, this innovative technology utilises the vast ROAD ANGEL community to create an up-to-date, digital road-speed map of Britain.

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Heated Seats

We are now retro-fitting SOL-ACE carbon fibre heated seats.
Prices start from £300 + VAT for a single seat, or £500 + VAT for two seats (except BMW X5), and are available with either 2 or 5 way heat settings controlled by a discrete switch.
Due to their low power consumption, these heated seats are also ideal for battery-powered vehicles such as mobility scooters.

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Cruise Control

Hannahs can install vehicle-specific Cobra E-Cruise control, which uses the car's CANBUS digital electronic control system to keep your speed constant. Please call for current prices.

Hot Water Screen Washer

Are you finding your existing cold water windscreen washers just can't dislodge dirt?
Try new HeatShot instant water heater to keep your glass clean all year long.

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