Stolen Vehicle & Fleet Tracking

Cat 5 Stolen Vehicle Tracking

ScorpionTrak 5

Scorpion Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Alarms will certainly dissuade most thieves from stealing your vehicle, but if they succeed and steal your car then this is where a tracking device comes into its own.

We fit ScorpionTrak 5, a Category 5 Thatcham-approved tracker.

The Trak 5 uses driver ID tags which tell the system that the lawful owner is in the vehicle. If the vehicle is started without a tag present, Scorpion alert the owner.

The system also elicits a 'Level 1' police response who have the ability to immobilise the vehicle remotely

You can download the datasheet from ScorpionTrak's website.

Cat 6 Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Teletrac Trackstar

Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

This system relies on the owner contacting police once the vehicle is missing and obtaining a crime reference number.

The owner then contacts Trackstar, who start tracking the vehicle.

The Trackstar elicits a 'Level 2' police response, lacks remote immobilisation and ID tags.

You can download the datasheet from Teletrac's website.

Quartix Insurance Telematics

You could lower your insurance premiums

Quartix Insurance Tracking

If you're a young driver insurance costs can be eye-watering, but by fitting a Quartix tracking device your insurance company can see that you're a safe and competent driver.

The system monitors your driving and reports back to you aspects of your driving style, with suggestions on how it can be improved.

Information about driver risk can be found on the Quartix website.

Fleet Management

Take control of your assets

Fleet Management System

As fuel prices climb higher, effective Fleet Management can save your company money by helping to manage your valuable assets and resources.

How Fleet Management can help you
You can tailor your jobs more efficiently, for example: if a company receives a call-out to a job, the fleet manager can easily send the most effective vehicle, which may not always be the closest.
Start/stop times are recorded so jobs can be billed accurately, and customers can be advised more accurately on job times.
All systems allow you to track your vehicles in almost real-time using a combination of GPS and GPRS, with logs available to show historical movements of vehicles in the event of a customer complaint or accident claim.