Alarms, Locking & Immobilisers

Are thefts from company vans on the increase ?

98% of tradespeople think so in this 2017 article from Simply Business.

Sigma S30 Category 1

The Sigma S30 is our premier Thatcham approved alarm / immobiliser system, and like all S-Series alarms can be integrated into the vehicle's existing central locking system.

Sigma S30 Car Alarm Remote

Comes with self-powered siren, central locking output, 2 point immobilisation, 2 remotes, keypad override and multicolour status LED.

Sigma S4 Non-Thatcham

The Sigma S4 is our most popular alarm for vehicles which don't need Thatcham insurance levels.

Sigma S4 Car Alarm Remote

This high quality unit comes with 2 remotes, passive siren, and single point immobilisation. Like the premium S30, it also integrates with the vehicle's door locking.

Gemini 931 CANbus

For CANbus equipped vehicles we install the Gemini 931. This alarm integrates with the vehicle's computer and features touch-key override, 4 button remote, ultrasonics and activation control for an external tracking device.

As this unit is designed to be fully integrated, there is no image that we can show you. You can download the manual directly from Gemini's website.

Autowatch Ghost

A CANbus immobiliser which has no remote to get lost or be stolen. What?

The Autowatch Ghost uses a sequence of programmable button pushes using your car's existing controls, eg steering wheel or dash switches. The unit supports a maximum sequence of 20 keypresses.

You can also install an iOS app which can be paired to the immobiliser. The app requires a shorter code entry to disarm the system.

Autowatch Ghost

You can download the manual directly from the Autowatch website.

The iOS app can be downloaded from the AppStore by searching for 'Autowatch Ghost'.

Remote Locking

Toad RK30 remote locking system allows keyless entry to your vehicle.

The system comes with 2 remotes and can interface with a window closure module at extra cost.

Toad RK30 Locking Remote

The system also offers a door-lock "panic" function when the ignition is on.

Motorhome Alarms

Motorhomes present particular problems for security systems

In addition to being expensive with valuable contents, they have multiple entry points which can be tricky to secure.


Hannahs can offer you a wealth of experience dealing with motorhome security, from additional alarm sensors to stolen vehicle tracking systems.

Datatool Motorbike Security

Datatool alarms offer Category One protection for your motorbike. Designed to be compact, extremely durable and with ultra low battery drain, Datatool is what your bike needs to keep it safe.


The S4 Red features multi-level sleep mode that minimises battery drain, low battery voltage alert, panic / locate feature and diagnostic alerts.